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~More Jin-muse musings~

1.) The Brady Game Guide. LIES! The Jin stats say that he has BROWN eyes. (especially when the last game guide said he had GREEN eyes, and the colour picture RIGHT NEXT TO THE PERSONAL DATA.. yeah green eyes.) Mish and I have the theory that the people who compiled it were lazy so ripped off Citan/Hyuga's stats from the Xenogears game guide. I mean after copy-right infringement, does it really MATTER what colour eyes Jin has? They were probably figuring that people would get Jin and Citan/Hyuga confused -anyways-. (that makes me indignant for I know that Jin and Citan/Hyuga are seperate individuals)

2.) One day Jin muse is going to find himself with a pillow held over his face. (I think Hyuga is plotting on killing him eventually.. the jokes about them being twins, not amusing him whatsoever)

3.) Jin also says that if indeed he is the first incarnation of Hyuga, then his sense of humor got lost in the shuffle. (there was a twitch from the muse-box)

4.) The more Jin lives in my muse box, the more amazed I am that he manages NOT to get murdered on a day to day basis. It's a good thing I don't have SHION here to boot.

5.) And it also occurs to me that just for shits and giggles, I should make a post that is "ASK JIN UZUKI". Because the thought of Jin giving advice. WHOOBOY. I'll ponder opening that little Pandora's Box later.


So how is everyone today? Everyone having a good day?

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