Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Xenosaga for the Uzuki Addict!~

I do worship and adore Jin Uzuki. Let me put that up for a disclaimer, because some of the things in this I certainly have to place with him (because before I go to bed, I kick out the old Xenosaga III and make my way through it slowly but surely.. *rescuing KOS-MOS LIKE WOAH*).

I loved when Juli Mizrahi was going over the plan to rescue Shion and then Jin like says his sister's name.. THREE TIMES. I mean he even sounds like he's going to say something, but all he says is Shion's name. (this goes to all characters though where it is a constant round of "JIN!" "Shion!" "Jr!" and just repeated name callings.). I found that amusing constantly, Jin evidentally got tired of wearing the exposition hat in the last game and opted for the Fushigi Yuugi hat instead.

Which brings me to the fact that I miss the sparkle in Jin's eyes in the second game. It's probably still there but it's not that evident. Perhaps it's just me but in the last game there was something perpetually rougish about Jin's eyes, as if he absolutely refused to grow up, I don't know if this relates to the Gnosis Terrorism or what, but well I can always imagine that sparkle there.

Herbal Remedy.. the outtake in my head, OH THE OUTTAKE. Jin leaves the herbal remedy, Shion picks it up and goes "Herbal rememedy, well you could of handed it to me.." and then Jin comes back in laughing. "Sorry! I left my herbal 'stimulants' instead ahahahahahha" and switches out his 'stimulants' for the actual remedy, leaving his sister very much traumatized. (Jin muse says you need stimulants to keep up with 'jesus'.. but this factors into lame bride of christ jokes that would make absolutely NO SENSE to any of you).

Oh yes, and Jin's little remark to Allen about Shion and Allen's "Tender Moment", oh yes that was beautiful. Jin still wins hardcore in my book even though I want that sparkle back in his eyes. LIKE NOW.

And for the record, his outfit rocks. I constantly have him as party lead BECAUSE of that outfit.. it reminds me of Citan/Hyuga. (though I've long since come to think of Jin and Hyuga/Citan as seperate entities in my mind.. really that occured when Jin muse decided to move into my brain.
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