Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Things so far about Xenosaga III

1.) Miyuki calls Shion "sexy" in that bathing suit, when Shion says, "Miyuki, you are beginning to sound like.." and my mind filled in "My brother" even when Shion said "a dirty old man". Somehow, I don't think there's much of a difference there.
2.) AHAHAHA Jin and Chaos' relationship is mentioned in the Database. (*waves my Chaos/Jin banner*)
3.) Somwhere along the line, Jin was removed from between the Margulis and Pellegri sandwhich. I think this was because he took the last Klondike bar. (the bastard!)

So far, I am enjoying it. And Shion.. yeah, she's got the Uzuki gene alright, and it's a beautiful beautiful thing. >.>

Edit: For those people coveting some of my icons. I've gone beserk and deleted much of my icons from my journal.. and will be putting them up at soylent_icons because damn I was like. "Need more icon space" Mmmm whee...
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