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~A heart of gold, and she's alone.. garden eden is her home~

The best things about mornings is that it is the beginning of a new day. And if you've taken care of problems from the previous day, they always seem clean and new. Totally pure and without the holdings of the previous day. I am a firm believer in mornings starting out right, and in fact I enjoy mornings.. I mean I'm not a morning person by default.. that is why I have to have at least three hours to fully wake up before I head into work, so that I can cultivate my mood. For me it would be error to roll out of bed and head to work, because when I just wake up, I am no sort of people person. When I wake up so early, I can have time for my soda to settle in my stomach and prepare myself for everyone that I am going to meet throughout the day.

Yes, a damn optimistic way to view the mornings, I will agree. But it's proven to me that it's been the right way to do so.

Also, being in a fairly high profile job on the base, people recognize me everywhere. I stopped in the commissary, and I had one from the Captain's over from the Med Group wave me down and talk me up (since it is a recognized fact that officers have nothing better to do >.> J/K). And people will randomly wave at me in Walmart or wherever we are and pimp_kitten will go, "Who's that?" and then I will tell them who they are and what they usually order. I enjoy my professional popularity in a way, it pleases me to know that people like me and think I give good service.

Damn, it's getting cold. I'm gonna have to drag the space heater out again. (Overcast like WOAH)

Also for the Brady RP. Oh gods. the Ukitake & Jin Senior Prank. OH GODS I FEAR. (because Ukitake and Hakkai have weaseled their way into the RP as friends of the family..). I am sure that it's going to be especially devious. *because the team-up between Jin and Ukitake is like the most frightening thing in the world*. Ukitake is adorable too.. and despite the fact that his immune system is shitty and he's usually in the hospital a great deal with whatever is going around that season, it still doesn't stop him from being Student Council President (he holds meetings in his hospital room if he can't attend them himself.). And his major ambition.. Radio DJ. Because he likes Dance/Trance/Hi NRG music (but he really likes all music). Oh he's cute. >.>

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