Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

1.) I need an icon of "The Ghost of Christmas Past.. FROM THE FUTURE" I might need to raid Alexi's Aqua Team Hunger Force disks for that particular image. *grins* (My favorite ATHF character by far). This was reminded of me by the fact that silencescreams is using a picture of the little toughie Mooninite.

2.) Hey, TwinStar! Be my partner for that therosemansion activity? We can think of some crack induced team name. (I have a few ideas myself. >.>) and have fun kicking ass! (I already have an idea for the name.. we should name it after the porn shop that we'll one day open up together! *teehee*)

3.) It's finally cold enough to break out my Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie. So now I'll get to wear Jack again. Oh jack, how I have missed you. (You make the VERY MOUNTAINS CRACK, JACK!). The Nightmare Before Christmas -is- one of my favorite movies. *teehee*

4.) All I was able to think about last night before going to bed was Pirate!Smut (thank you Hyuga and Sigurd) as well as S&M Night for the Brady RP. *what Mat and Roni don't know is going on, won't hurt.. or so sayeth the Jin.) I really must be a freak for my interpertations of Jin, Citan and Hyuga... but then my special interpertations of them, well clinch them as mine I think. (Jin!Milk.. accept no substitutions *evil*)

5.) I restart days again, this should be a blast. However finally I get my evenings back. I really do like to have evenings with which to play with *even though granted working evenings was nice because I could sleep in, which isn't an option in my case now* Goes to show you that there are pros and cons for each shift.
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