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Now really people.

No need to make it worse. There is no need to flame mushii because honestly, what good is it for? It's going to only reinforce whatever opinions she has of us. Better to just burn our bridges and form our own little garden through our proverbial 'forest of thorns'. And invite people to check it out. This isn't a popularity contest, this is finding a home for us and our respective rose families. Creating a garden that lacks alot of the tension that we have found. And really that's all I ask, and I know that it is all that many of my fellow Grande Soeur's aspire too as well.

And I am using this icon because Mat told me too.

I have decided that if I ever sink into a bad mood sort of fit. HOT MEN MAKING OUT IN THE BACKSEATS OF CARS FIXES IT EVERY TIME!

It's like my anti-drug!
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