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I have no words. I was banned from soeur_system for a post that I do not believe to be inflammatory in the slgihtest. I only thought I was trying to 'help' by offering up a thread where people could hash out what everyone could do to make the community more comfortable to interact in all of which I emphasised in the comments mutual respect.

You know, it's not worth bothering with. Goodbye soeur_system, it's time for the Rosa Omeiensis Family to be moving on into their own garden. I tried to help, but evidentally change isn't one is wanted or needed, or even a constructive forum for ideas to go back and forth. For all of those in soeur_system, don't forget the Rosa Omeiensis, we're just beyond the hedge, and you're welcome to visit any time. (Especially Cymosa, Gentilliana and all other friends of the Omeiensis family.) I tried, I did.

Time to count the losses and move on, eh?

-Rosa Omeiensis.
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