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Just to let you all know.

I am going to stand behind my Soeur and my Family. Nothing against those who are on opposing sides. (hemisphere, I still think you are damn awesome.. and hell even Jin and Shion have their disagreements..). But this is something that my soeurs believe in, and I believe in her and what she is trying to put across and I thoroughly support her and what she is trying to do, the change she is trying to effect in soeur_system. I admire her for her courage and her determination, I certainly couldn't do something like that and in many ways I am proud of her.

It sometimes takes alot to get out there and stand up for what you believe in and face the questions and sometimes the opposition, and there is a certain nobility in that. I just wanted to give my soeur the encouragement that she needs. *hugs Chelsie* I'm behind you, Gentle Wing!
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