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~The Trip: Day One~

This entry will not have pictures, though I will post the individual pictures of my trip by and by. *and when I do, very few pictures have me in them because I am self depreciating and I hate how pictures make me look*

Day 1 (August 31st, Thursday)

This was our travel day. Needless to say that night I couldn't get any sleep because I've been excited about this trip for the longest time. So I woke up after perhaps four hours and a good hour before I was -supposed- to get up. That left me time to get a bath and all that. I played with the kitties and did some last minute shoving of things away into my packing. This route would take us all the way through lower Idaho and then branching off into Salt Lake City, through Las Vegas and finally rounding out our trip in L.A at the home of silencescreams. On that car trip, I did most of the driving, I drove outward at Tremonton (70 miles out of Salt Lake City) and then I continued until we got to Barstow California.

We stopped at Stateline to eat -AND- we rode Desperado along with this cheesy little log flume that really bears no mention and is completely forgettable. Desperado though, oh gods. ORGASM IN A CONVENIENTLY PACKAGED ROLLAR COASTER. Sure, my roommate, pimp_kitten ALMOST lost his spleen and nearly spliced his spine in half, but it was a fun coaster and I'd suggest it to anyone. The food was subpar but that's alright because I got to ride a kickass rollar coaster. Desperado Information HERE

Back in Las Vegas it was also decided that Air Supply was stalking me. (See I need my stalkers... for Alexi it is Darren Hayes, for me it just happens to be psuedo-heterosexual 80s balladeers.) *sings* EVEN THE NIGHTS ARE BE~TTER...

We were also delayed because of minor car problems (i.e me forgetting to change the oil) however we had some oil bottles in the back so we used them and we had to sit in the middle of the california desert until Yggsdrasil cooled down..) then came the FUN part.

Navigation of the Los Angeles Highways. It all started innocently enough with Victorville and then as we got onto Palmdale RD. It just went horribly awry and we spent a good time of what would define this trip SECOND GUESSING OURSELVES. (indeed, Mapquest = Evil.) So we were never quite sure of WHICH turn we would take. It would of been easier had it been LIGHT.. but oh no, it was pitch black and so we were stumbling around in our car trying to figure out rhyme and reason to the whole thing. Yes I did get flustered and so was Alexi which made for alot of interesting snappings back and forth. (not my fault California Road Systems are messed up)

Finally though we made it to Nicole's house, much weary for the wear and I know I probably wasn't' all that talkative but I'm pre~tty sure I made up for that the next four days. When I touched that bed, I nearly collaspsed. We were undecided about what we were going to do the next day, but it all made itself clear when we woke up.

There were alot of nice memories though on the trip.. seeing little landmarks of my childhood. That's going to be one of the major re-accuring themes.

To Be Continued.

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