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~When they pay for the love of the girl with a pure heart of gold~

I love Johnny Hates Jazz.. one of my favorite 80s groups by far. Of course they cannot begin to compete with Duran Duran or Depeche Mode or New Order in terms of why I love them, especially considering the sheer magnitude of all threes careers seem to dwarf little Johnny Hates Jazz who came out with one tape/CD.

Johnny Hates Jazz has been the focal point of most of my songfics.. I might as well post a reprise one! *hee's and giggles*

--- Listen ----

"Listen.. Listen... Listen.. Listen.."

Magus stood their on the precipice of time, his cloak flowing behind him as he stared out into the unknown, his scythe gripped with one hand, a dead man's grip. The end of time was a cold place to be sure; but here was where he had the most time to think.. time to reflect back on his sins, and the sins of those that came before. If he centered his soul, he could feel vibrations passing through it.

And it almost made him cry.

A love lost forever.. a star falls in the inky star scetched blackness.

"Cold by day, cold by night,
I wonder where the summer's gone.
Make no mistake, no mistake.. I've got to find you.

Well you can tell all your friends that you've found a way,
Don't tell them all that you've come to stay."

Time.. time was on his side.. but other things were not. The end of time gave way to the shining platinum rooftops of Zeal where the stars twinkled there just as surely. Where had she gone, it drove him mad to think that she was gone without the whisper and trace of where she could be. Left him at his bed, the early morning hours before their wedding. He had returned to Zeal to lick his emotional wounds and heal. His concern was Corrine, but it was also his unborn child that he worried over.

Janus Cyrus if a boy, Amethyst Cynara if a girl.. however realizing it, he would never know his children.. at least not if Corrine had any say in it.

Should he be bitter? Yes.. however while he had a strong urge to stay at Zeal and mope, he knew that he would have to search her out eventually and make her see reason, see that he loved her more then anything.. more then his alleigiance to his mother, to Zeal.

Just listen.. Just listen.. just you listen to your heart
Just a listen.. just a listen.. just you listen to your heart.

His heart told him not to let her go easily, so did the subtle nuances that his father, Lucian said in his everday conversations and advice to him. Normally he would not listen to such a man that had betrayed Zeal for one woman... but that woman had been Corrine's mother.. that woman had enchanted his father as much as Corrine enchanted him..

For one woman Zeal had come crashing down.

If history was to repeat itself..

Then so be it.

Take your chances, take your time..
Let's take a slow dance out of here.
Now I know.. now I'm sure...
I'll find ya tonight

Well you can tell all your friends that you found a way,
Go tell them all that I'm here to stay.."

The minute he discovered Corrine in the Underworld, he discovered his 3 year old son.. and he was lost, he also gained knowledge of their whereabouts and how did the old adage go, "persistance wears down resistance"? He would court Corrine publically, in the presence of his mother and be damned what she think. Damn all her ideas for keeping the Zeal blood pure, to hold Corrine in his arms would be enough even if a thousand Zeals fell down to the ground.

Seeing her, noticing how she had grown from that shy village maiden into an strong independant woman, it made his heart race faster, his smile grow fonder. How she interacted with Hades and Persephone.. those too were etched on his heart. She was a new Corrine, one that he was eager to make his own.. could he claim this Corrine's heart as well? Oh god he hoped so.

The magnetism between them was not imagined, the way she looked up into his eyes when they touched for what seemed like the first time.

Purple eyes alight with memories.. promises..

A promise he wanted to fufill.

Just a listen.. Just a listen.. just you listen to your heart
Just a listen.. just a listen.. just you listen to your heart.


With the help of Hades and Persephone, he entreated to his mother. Championed Corrine's cause, not only for her but for his child and his elemental given right to be happy. He threw everything in her face, the destruction of Zeal through the summouning of Lavos, the way that Schala and him had suffered from her lack of love and human decency

And he saw a crack form in his mother's rigid defenses..

A small shred of hope.

Hot by day.. warm by night.
I wonder where the winter's gone.
There's no mistake, no mistake..
We feel the same way.

Well you can tell all your friends that you found a stay
Go tell them all that you're here to stay."

An ending, a resolution to 300 years of pain. Looking down at Corrine as the moonlight shone down on her and then lifted his eyes to watch Janus try to catch fireflies in the tepid summer's evening. His heart overflowed with joy for the first time in a long time and he didn't know what to do with himself.

This was everything..

This was life.

Just a listen.. just a listen.. just you listen to your heart
Just a listen.. just a listen.. just you listen to your heart.

-Songfic by Nia Westphal
"Listen" by Johnny Hates Jazz
Based on Chrono Trigger the copyright of Squaresoft

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