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~Getting Psyched for my Trip, like WOAH~

Rough Schedule for trip. (has been pouring over Mapquest in between talking to viskenplasuuir and RPing with shuufish.) Yes, folks.. this is where my Virgo comes out in abundance.

Thursday: Driving to Cali (yay! silencescreams!)
Friday: Magic Mountain (maybe.. can interchange this with Saturday if possible.. depends on how I am from driving so long)
Saturday: Either Magic Mountain or Beach/Zoo/Aquarium
Sunday: Disneyland!
Monday: Disneyland!
Tuesday: Driving to San Jose (maybe stop to Ridgecrest, my hometown)
Wednesday: Winchester Mystery House
Thursday: Redwoods Ho!
Friday: SeaLion Caves Ho!
Saturday: Drive Home (and coincidentally enough.. MY BIRTHDAY)
Sunday: Recovery Day! (whew, I'll probably need it)

I can't wait for Disneyland. >.> *is like a child in that respect*
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