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~See what magic we find in my sensual mind~

It is Shunsui and Ukitake's wedding day!

That is the only engagement that I will respond to. As soon as I type up Ukitake's vows, I am going to go get food for the day.. little snackies that'll tide me over.

YAY! *bounces*

Now to type-y, type-y, type-y.

Had a wierd dream about Yo. I know she has a small crush on me but this is ridiculous. I don't want to be having those sort of dreams about Yo. REALLY. Also in the dream appeared pumpkin bread, which I know was a tribute to Alexi in the dream. Too bad I don't write my dreams down.. I used to though, I think there I have the "I have sex with ID" dream recorded. Of course there I also have recorded the "mamorunooni hits on Magus" dream. Because damn it, you know that Jesse would be gay for Magus. He's only TOLD me this
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