Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

So I finished the End of RG Veda.

And I like the pairing of Ashura-ou and Taishakuten. Very poignant, very sad.

RG Veda made me cry because of the duality of it all. The very fact that good and evil is NOT black and white. I enjoy stories like that, where the good side isn't necessarily the right side though you think it is at first. And where evil has it's purpose which was rooted in good. Excellent, Excellent Series. I am quite sure that RG Veda is probably my second favorite clamp series after Card Captor Sakura.

And when I finish my Ukitake Jyuushirou Claim, I am going to pick up RG Veda as an icon claim over at ivariety.

Mmmm and Souma and Kendappa-ou. *FOR THE WIN*

And because I've already used an icon of Kendappa-ou alot.. I'll revert to Ashura, even though this is Tsubasa Chronicles Ashura.
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