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~And I thank you for bringing me here~

And I do truly realize all the wonderful friends I have.. I mean I look at my LJ posts.. and there are comments from many. And quite honestly I would like to give you all thank you hugs, for being there, for being supportive. For just giving me a *hug* or a *snuggle* or in Pips Case, a Snoogie.

I do have friends, very important friends, friends that see me as a living breathing person outside of the computer, which I am thankful for.. and goodness I think everyone of you has made my day.

Pip~Mi casa es su casa.. meaning if you ever want to drop by and use the couch, by damn it you can!

Angue~If I go to japan, I will capture a japanese slave boi for you and store him in the closet.. sure if Alexi gives me funny looks, I will just say it is for you.. *snickers*

Kat~ There is nothing words can say.. *hugs*

Mari~ Again I am sorry but I am glad you forgive me. *hugs*

Linz~ You are like a sister to me..*hugs*

Sam~ *hugs* Girl, you really do stroke my ego sometimes.

Jesse~ *tweaks your nose and stills your masculinity*

Jaesyn~ Kupo! *tacklecuddles*

Stephy~ *kishes and steals tons of pics*

Sid~ *worships you*

Well if I am forgetting anyone I am sorry.. my tummy is rumbling and I am hungry... I must go to chow hall.. whees

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