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~Ficbit: "Something Worth Living For" {ShunUki}

Title: "Something Worth Living For"
Fandom/Pairing: Bleach {ShunUki}
Rating: PG (though for me, it'd be G)
Comments: I don't know why this came to my mind. However my Ukitake muse loves children *not in that way.. cough*. He also thrives on the role of being a parent, and I really can't think of anything more fitting for him. If his sickness hadn't left him sterile, I think that he would of populated Soul Society with children of his own. (What gives me this idea is listening to his theme song that Kubo Tite gave him, "Back to the Innocence"). Do I think that he has adopted his entire squad as his family.. yes I think so. Do I think that he considers Nanao like a daughter, absolutely. To sort of elaborate on the title, for many people dying is the hard thing. To have something worth dying for. I am sure that would apply to someone who was in the perfect health, who had never had any complications insomuch with it. But for Ukitake who had been courted by death all his life, I think that the hard thing would be living and breathing. And that he has that home to come back to after each dance with death, makes Living the only choice for him. (Not beta'd.. >.> Because I suck)

"I know a child deep inside me, is forever in my heart.. and now I pray the chance one day, to have children of my own.. share the blessings I have known"

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