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Dear Hyuga,

Plz to not be exploring the whole "What if Sigurd and I were Porn Stars" trail of thought, because ONE you've been reading way too much Haru Wo Daite and two, I laugh to think that you would make a very good porn star. So next time, desist. *will not admit that the mental images were quality stuff.* So now really.. porn star? You would chop the balls off of any other co-star to Sigurd other then you, you know that's the truth.

Just like the twins thing.. never would happen. It would be Black vs White, both of your versions would be too busy K.O'ing each other over Sigurd. (Though yes, the twins thing is also nice to think about).


Hyu... {Nia}

I would like to point out that the twin thing and the Porn Star thing, that's all you...

-Hyuga (the real deal)
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