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~Woah, YAY! HI~

Gee, a friend / shiroibara becomes a ShunUki fan and then from her Flist I make like a new friend. W00t for new friends! *stamps the new friends with a stampy-stamp*

I know I've been making alot of ShunUki friends this week (but I've noticed that it is very rare that there is a belligerant Shunsui/Ukitake fan..). And I've also noticed that in general as a collective group, we aren't really that bad. Much is the love for Happy!Shipping, So yes, welcome to you all! *waves* *sits in such good company as shiroibara, murasaki_plum, lessxthanxthree & sixteenthnote (to name a few).

shuufish, she's my divine consort in the fandom and she who I derive most of my Happy!Shipping inspiration from (being that she is the Shunsui to my personal representation of Ukitake) >.>. We all need divine consorts.
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