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~When we're running out of luck, seems the only thing worth living for is love~

The thought of Sophia (early this morning) switching out red paint for Jam in Lacan's paint set and heaping five spoonfuls of sugar into Krelian's coffee, is much amusing.. and it is no wonder that Roni and her get along so well. (I wonder what she's done to Roni.. any ideas, shuufish? Come on, she must have done something a tad bit impish. >.>. Also it's a wonder how different Mat and Jeriah are.. I was reflecting on this before I went to sleep. (after Mat stopped using my brain for mirror-sex) *coughs* Oh how I love the muses, how I love them.

I will not rest until I do five more Ukitake icons. (and I know he is doing this because he's getting married soon to his Shu-koi... he came back to the muse-box last night walking on air. Evidentally there was much drinking -and- planning going on.) It'll be a joyous occasion. I may even make a cake for that day.. just for the hell of it.

Dirty Vegas is an awesome group, I've been uploading alot of their songs like mad. >.> I am very partial to "Days Go By" which was one of their more popular songs, but my heart will always belong to "Roses" (though that is because that is my perfect Shunsui/Ukitake song..)

"So here we are, We've come so far
It's never been so good
Nothing every lasts forever
For maybe now we should..
Try and hold on to what we've got
Because the only thing worth living for is love."

shuufish: Be sure to listen to "Runaways" because that is a Mat and Roni song >.>

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