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I just have to say that the Touya/Yukito AMV set to "True Colours" is the most beautiful AMV ever. I really wish I could send it to Mish but there are spoilers involved and well she hasn't even made it through like the first six episodes of Card Captor Sakura. Once again, in the Clampverse, my favorite pairing is Touya/Yukito and I don't think that'll change. (even though I am a big fan of Kurogane/Fai and Doumeki/Watanuki.) But there is something about Touya and Yukito that just makes me sap uncontrollably. (She needs to hurry up and watch more. >.> *coughs*)

Also... I forgot to mention it though it happened yesterday.

I am the Services Civilian of the Month. An honour that I am extremely proud of. I was like "OMG". Sometimes, hard work pays off. *heh's*

Yes, it is true.. I am a workaholic. *shifty* But hey, DISNEYLAND IS COMING SOON! And I shall have the honour of meeting silencescreams who is a wonderful girl from all that I have talked to her. *Hey she sang the consumption song for me*)

Now to emmerse myself in more Touya/Yukito-ness. *coughs*

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