Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

So yesterday Jin-muse called Hyuga "Sporty Spice". (The Brady incarnation of them both). And then Jin proceeded to tag everyone with spice names.. so he became Scary Spice and Sigurd became Posh Spice. However Jin thinks that Chaos should be Ginger Spice and then Fei and Citan can both be Baby Spices. Oh gods, I swear.. the muses think of things that make me go constantly WTF. >.> Muses should not have spice girl's aliases. No No NO.

I also had more to say but I'm slowly forgetting what it is that I wanted to say. Mmm I'm kinda hungry. This is good because last week I had absolutely and utterly NO APPETITE.

Yeah, I know.. I'm rambling. SORRY ABOUT THAT.
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