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Dear hair, plz to be compliant.

I am dreading today. Not that I think that it willl actually be bad, but after yesterday in which I started out hopeful.. it just degenerated from there. Just to be sure, I took three asprin and hopefully I will kick this headache that I evidentally was nursing all through the night. The urge to cry has left me completely and the only thing that really made me smile yesterday was getting home and Mish was there to soothe me, once again she's being wonderful.. it made me wibble at a time when I just really wanted to cry.

There are so many things that I have been neglecting due to this full time work. I can't wait until saturday when I only have to work three hours, and sunday is the same as well. The only bad thing is that Mish will be in Florida. Oh well I can handle it despite the fact that I'll miss the pants off of her. Really tuesday will not come soon enough. Good thing it is thursday. >.>

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