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~It must be the killing time.. unwillingly mine~

I have absolutely no words about today, none. It was hell on earth, and the irony that hell on earth came the day that my PERIOD decided to drop in to visit.

I was manning the grill all by myself. Stephanie was doing NOTHING except taking pizza's out of the oven. Guess what? She didn't even do -that- right. She tried to give me an attitude and whine about how hard she was working.. BUT I had NO FUCKING SYMPATHY. None. She can suck my cock, because I wasn't taking it either. By the time three o'clock rolled around (that is when she finished with the dishes) I didn't even want to speak to her. I wanted her to get the fuck out of my grill section.

Guess what I'm having for dinner tonight?


I've bloody deserved them. *gnaws on them* I have a headache.
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