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Yesterday wasn't as bad as I had imagined it in my mind to being. In my mind, I saw alot of death and destruction on the grill floor, but Jean told me after the lunch rush had ended that I did very well for it being my first time, she also told me not to do more then I could handle when taking orders because evidentally timing is a skill you hone and practice. I take those words to heart. And I am greatful for the encouragement that I've been given. I guess I am lucky to have employers that I actually like and who care about my comfort zones, there are not very many people that can post semi-insane (in a good way) upper management.

I am also lucky for a twin star who is very understanding, and who was wonderful last night.

That is all for me and from me. I'll have another update for you guys later.

Edit: Also it's officiall thursday. I thought it was going to come yesterday (in fact I was banking on it) AHAHAHAHA.. VERY FUNNY!
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