Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Graaaaaaaaaa~ah, this morning is setting up to be something good.

The setting on the dryer was DELICATES. What, I ask, could possibly constitute delicates in pimp_kitten's laundry load. Can't we have it set permanantly to Regular? Because it's kinda annoying when I have an hour until work, I walk over expecting to have warm jeans.. AND THEY ARE STILL SOGGING. (Now I have to wear freezing jeans to work, as well as wet undergarments. *graaaaaaaaaa~~ar*). *and believe us, NEITHER of uses anything that would constitute delicates I.E Linen, lace, nylon and the whatnot*

Setting = Regular


Now I'm going to go wash my face and perhaps pour hot water on my jeans.. that might be an improvement.
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