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I would like to say that I am very happy with the end of Gakuen Heaven. Very happy. Hurrah for my favorite couples. They really prevailed in the end (and I am not referring to Kazuki/Keita who were not my favorite couple). And because of that I have a new icon.. ELF QUEEN KAORU.

Niwa and Kaoru interaction is the best (though that is also not a pairing of mine.. *with my Kaoru going.. 'that big lug is not a suitable companion for me.."* He'd much rather have a certain 'knight.

You know if you think about it. Kaoru = Guienevere, Niwa = King Arthur, Omi = Lancelot and Nakajima = Merlin.

That way you get Niwa/Nakajima (Merlin/Arthur) and Omi/Kaoru (Guienevere/Lancelot). It really reeks of authurian.

Okay I am done now.
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