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~Just another Saturday.. Caturday!~

I am currently "Holy Blood Holy Grail" which is evidentally the book that inspired the DaVinci Code to being written. It is an INCREDIBLY fascinating book, non-fiction and a very controversial book. Of course I have been interested in the reasoning behind the DaVinci Code and he (Dan Brown) wrote that the Priory of Sion DID exist and this is merely the historical account. Sometimes I go really geeky and all I want is a good history book, it must be my absolute hard-on for history of any kind (Well okay I am not so big of a fan of american history.. so bite me.)

That's all I am doing today, I might get myself a croissant sammich when 11 o'clock strikes. I am feeling so much better today and I woke up and I had both Shaoran and KyuuJyuu curled up on my bed. It was nice! (And Meilin once again crawled into my bed and under the covers.. I don't know what's gotten into her but she definitely needs her nails groomed because she was kneading her nails into my shoulder and it was PAINFUL).
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