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Angelique is fanservice... pure fanservice *pats the raws* Within a 1 minute period, all the guys had their surprise buttsecks face. (Except Olivie's surprise buttsecks face wasn't really that.. well surprised. *go figure, it's because he's fabulous*. Oh please let Ernst, Charlie and Sei-lan enter into it. *crosses fingers* *has a literal Seiyuu-gasm* However with the flying ship, I would like to say.. OHMYGODERNST *saw him MIDTYPE* YES ERNST IS IN IT! THAT MEANS CHARLIE.. AHHHHHHHH *crying TEARS OF JOY* Okay, I am done now. I have been made a happy happy Hyu*

So there you have it, Angelique fans. Charlie, Ernst and all the tutors WILL make appearances. *swoons* This should make alot of people happy.

But as I was saying, the flying ship means that the animators were probably watching too much Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Though I can't wait until this is subbed so that I can actually see what they are saying. And the fact that the guys sparkle rainbows around themselves is especially amusing.
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