Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~So sle~epy~

Jian (female version of Jin) and Iruka just became friends. This does not bode well for the muse-box. Next thing you know, they'll have matching nazi outfits. (it all started with a song too).

I am sleepy, I took some cough medicine and now I am bed-bound. (but not bound to the bed.. hehehehe)

And this is icon creation of the day. Yay for Kakei from Legal Drug. So I got some of my favorite Clamp men iconized. Though I really need an icon of Doumeki now. (poor Watanuki-muse gets alot of grief from my Doumeki.. no fair, I know. Well that is just tough luck because Doumeki wants rice balls for lunch. Seriously!).

Also, I have a Clamp het-otp. That is Yuuko/Clow *yes I put Yuuko's name first because OMGSHEISSOTHESEME* Poor Clow probably gets sodomized by Yuuko's GIANT cock on a regular basis. Clow and Yuuko.. ALMOST BUTTSECKS, whut?
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