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~Four Seasons in One Day~ {KakaIru Ficbit}

Title: Four Seasons in One Day
Pairing: Kakashi & Iruka
Song Inspiration: "Four Seasons in One Day" by Crowded House
Comments: This was begging to be written, I think it was after I was analyzing Iruka muse's personality and trying to figure out how he ticked in relation to shuufish's Kakashi's muse. Then this song came on and it was very much a Iruka song. (he's actually claiming songs on Pandora.. I can't believe it!). Really this isn't beta'd because quite honestly I am not too keen on beta'ing anything I write. That is why my stuff will never get recc'ed or anything like that, but I really don't want this. Most of my writings are stuff that sort of plays itself in my mind's eyes and I can't help but follow it through. Most of what I write is made for shuufish as well and has some relevance to something that we've probably discussed. So enjoy this little exploration into Iruka muse's side of things.

Four seasons in one day, that was what Iruka saw their relationship as being. And really he could not of helped his various reactions to things that Kakashi did on any given day, and for Iruka it always started with winter which came with the dawning of each day for winter was his defense. There would be a chance look over paperwork, Iruka would try to say something particularly brusque and not-so caring about duty and then watched as Kakashi went out of his way to flirt with him, woo him all while moving his hand out of the way of the little ink seal that Iruka swore he was going to mash down on Kakashi's hand. That would of been a likely sign to anyone that Kakashi had once again refused by the schoolteacher and occasional paper pusher over at assignments.

Spring would eventually melt onto Iruka's smile however reluctantly as he saw Kakashi's face mashed up against his window which resulted in the imprints of lips against the mask, and he would just as reluctantly open the door and allow Kakashi entrance into his apartment with the stipulation that Kakashi not maul him while he was cooking them dinner. He would allow himself to be gradually coaxed and enticed by Kakashi's charm and smile, thinking that the flirting wasn't so intolerable when they were in the private of his apartment. But he also knew that Kakashi was not nearly so intolerable in general when there was no one watching and he could find himself appreciating the serious bent that Kakashi had underlying or the way his eye crinkled when he laughed, the corners of his eyes bearing the faintest lines which Iruka could imagine was the seriousity of his rank, but they did look so nice when he smiled.

Heat would rush his blood when Kakashi kissed him, the telling sign that summer was there. Desire and attraction would flare between them. The change between spring and summer was alot less pronounced then the one from winter to summer, but it was intense and Iruka would find himself drowning in those arms and he wondered if Kakashi was drowning too of everything that he was. In this state Kakashi was the cool pool and Iruka couldn't get his clothes off fast enough so that he could slake his thirst. Together they road the waves of their attraction with their hands and bodies meeting at any point that was possible between them while they tangled on bedsheets and bedcovers. It never mattered who was riding who because they end results were the same, the first breath of air after a sea of passionate drowning and with Iruka settled into Kakashi's arms to soak up the warm afterglow.

That was usually when autumn set in. The final farewell to the summer and the nostalgia that wrapped around them as they lounged in each other's arms. Iruka was always fully awake during this time, but it was variable as to if Kakashi was. No matter though for Iruka always stroke that hair and those features that had been revealed to him. There were a thousand things he wanted to say in these moments, his appreciation for everything that Kakashi had given him, but words never quite came out right for him. It was a bittersweet last moment of the day when pride and sentiment warred with each other and all he could do was kiss Kakashi's forehead and pray that it would be enough.

In the morning, Iruka's world would reset and Kakashi would be gone.. no doubt early training which he would endeavor some way of being late to. The snow on Iruka's soul would fall again, but spring would come again.. and following it summer and winter. Like four seasons in one day.

"Sleeping on an unmade bed
Finding out wherever there is comfort,
There is pain.. only one step away
Like four seasons in one day"

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