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So I just found out that Fai/Kurogane from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles has been declared pretty much canon by the genius's known as CLAMP at AX. This makes me happy, because even while I like Fai/Ashura-ou.. I also like Fai/Kurogane. And evidentally in the next manga chapter they will have a 'moment'. This does not surprise me because Clamp is one of the biggest shoujo-ai, shounen-ai fangirls on the face of the planet and in every manga that they have EVER created, they have at least had one couple who is gay. (With the exception of Legal Drug which was the manga where they were ALL gay.). I could list all of the pairings that have been Clamp approved, but I will not. Most of them are household names anyways.

My heart though is owned by the following Clamp pairings (Canon, mind you).

Saiga/Kakei - (Legal Drug)
Yukito/Touya - (Card Captor Sakura)

Those two pairings always gives me the wibbles
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