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I love Pandora. Mainly because it allows the muses to listen to their music without me getting in the way. Can you believe in the past two days I've added like 33 songs to my playlist. (for real!). Excellent excellent program and the muses love the music that comes from it, right now though we are listening to Fei's station (which is playing Better than Ezra.. *woot*)

Also, Girl!Ukitake was born last night. (Seriously). Her name is Ulani and she's five foot six, with long silver hair which she wears in two braids, and if you can believe it, she can eat more then Ukitake. They had a contest this morning over breakfast evidentally. Gave everyone sympathy stomach aches even though they themselves walked away from the table. Ukitake bowed in good nature in his lose while Ulani took out some pocky to nibble on this to prove that she could still eat more. They are going to be good friends, I can forsee.. and he's going to want to have Ulani hang with him and Jin now. Though Jin said as long as Ulani doesn't expect Jian to be part of the group.. but Ulani said that she could hang with the guys.. *I really think the only girl she wants to hang out in depth is Shiloh (girl!Shunsui).*

So that was what happened last night. It was tons and tons of fun!

Edit: 'Ulani' means cheerful. *teehee*

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