Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Celebrate the fact that we've seen the back of another black day~

I am of the opinion that Umeda Hokuto-muse holed himself up in his room as a child and listened to entirely TOO much Depeche Mode. This conflicted with the Debbie Gibson and Expose that his mother was sporadically bopping around the house to. Poor Umeda, no one understands him. *gets hit by a clipboard* Owwwwww~ie. I bet Akiha listens to bubblegum pop too *had to strike that so that I didn't get HIT again*

Edit: Okay okay okay.. he liked Pet Shop Boys too. >.>

Edit 2: Now listening to Jin's station, Jin is protesting that this isn't JIAN station (since Jian keeps going like "Hey I like this song.. ADD IT!".) But he'll add her songs because Jian, she's a nazi.
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