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To clarify this, I went to the optomistrist in Wal-Mart today and got my eyes examined and I got this nifty glasses that are shaped like Nanao's and they have little magnetic sunglass frames attached to them, to block out the harsh summer light. The eyeglasses technicians were rather impressed that I could stalk over and pick out my frames almost instantly.. and make a choice in frames that looked good on me. (until I told them that I had come in with pimp_kitten and I had perused the racks while he was busy picking out the emo-glasses that he'll never purchase after realizing he had to buy frames too.)

Thin lenses, really stylish and with pinkish copper overtones that will fit my skin tone I think.

I'm really digging the group, Dirty Vegas. This very song that I'm listening to is definitely a Shunsui/Ukitake song.

I am hoping these glasses will improve my sex appeal. (AHAHAH HYU DOES NOT HAVE THIS SEX APPEAL THAT YOU SPEAK OF! <---- Jin) *some muses should just shove their opinions up their asses*

I am on a major Umeda burst. I don't know why. PLZ SCHOOL DOCTOR TO BE GETTING OUT OF MY MIND!

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