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~And I'd do it all again and again~


Sometimes when I am listening to a song.. the image will splay itself so strongly upon my mind so that there is nothing that I can do but icon it. This one, well it has alot of special signficance.. and when I was listening to this song, Remus muse lightly prodded me and told me to make it. And really I could not help it. So this icon is dedicated to shuufish and her Sirius-muse. (Whom are wibbled very much). I am such a sap. >.> Okay I am done now.

"You Are" Lyrics

(*Mish.. if you want me to send the MP3, I will!*)

I would upload it, but really it isn't that hard to find.

Also, true happiness was watching Shunsui muse lose it when he heard Hideo Ishikawa (Ukitake's seiyuu) singing ITALIAN OPERA. Yes... priceless. Ukitake lol'd.. and thought his Shu-koi irrepressibly cute

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