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~Pondering and Pondering~

Once again I am thinking about leaving Avalon..

For the pure reason that there are people in there that I -don't- like.. who I find pretentious and annoying and rather then go in there and see their faces, I would just rather stay off Avalon and do other stuff.. or skip into Roland's on ER.

So I just need a break.. either that or I should start writing the Sylvia Chronicles.. I don't need to RP in order to write them.. and I have enough information to start writing Schala's story and her eventually advent to the Valley.

Which also reminds me.. For continuation sake.. Avalon -will- be referred to as the Valley.. because the Valley was what I knew first and maybe Avalon will be the real name.. (Because it cannot be the Valley of the Lunar Rainbow) but everyone will call it the Valley.. how ist hat for compromise. (To the creators of Avalon.. I am sorry, however the Valley was where my characters started out and I don't want to switch names in the middle of the story.. Understandable, right?)

Hopefully I will get myself motivated. *ahee's*
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