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I gave Kau his steriods. Lucky it wasn't that hard, certainly went better then yesterday. We tried giving Kau the steriods through soft food, but we caught Kero eating out of the food dish. (after he opened the door where Kau was sequestered.. don't know HOW he did that.). I wasn't going to deal with chasing him through the house this morning (don't need that senseless rushing for Taco Thursday, really I don't). So now Kau is medicated and I can lounge in my chair until my pants get out of the dryer.. check my email.. do anything that I need to.

So anyways.. we are going to be driving down to California on September 1st. That is our travel day and that should be sufficient enough where we'll be getting in late late into L.A. (I actually intend on letting him drive some during the straight shot from Utah to Las Vegas.. so that I can end the first side of the trip with driving. I am hoping that after all day Saturday, we will be going to Disneyland. (We are getting two day passes for Disneyland.. and then a day pass for Six Flags. *woot* )

It's going to be fun. And more as plans unfold! I promise.

Also.. my Kaoru, Shinomiya and Hide muses (from Gakuen Heaven) had a blast last night. No one.. NO ONE disrupts Kaoru's Tea Party though.. and then there were threats of Kaoru going to HIde "I'll cut you.." to which Hide laughed and asked if that was a promise. That was when Kaoru rolled his eyes and then walked to Omi's house.. and vowed that if he didn't go, Hide would find himself with a knife sticking out of his back in the morning. (Can you feel the love? Because I CAN)

I love those random muses that develop. *thuds* and then take on distinct personalities of their own. Of course I don't blame Kaoru for going since Hyuga wasn't there. (For reference, Hyuga and Kaoru are good friends, once they got over the whole "who rules the C-box", they decided it was more beneficial to form a peaceable alliance and rule jointly.)

Today is Taco Thursday. ROCK! <--- not sarcasm, I PROMISE


Happy Birthday fennin. I love you, Emily Pants. You rock girl.. you rock hardcore! *pwns you with monkey-cock*

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