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~But the lack thereof would leave me empty inside~

I'm kicking the Bronchitis. Hurrah! I just wanted to alert people to this fact. This is good because I was starting to get tired of this consumption. *heh's* But really my cough ratio has gone down.. and I think tonight I'll be able to sleep without medicinial assistance. Last night was a blast because it comprised of me and Mish talking about Sylvia as well as letting Hakkai and Gojyo have some time together (which they took because they are greedy and they love kinky sex). I also read Saiyuki Reload 4 in the bathtub this morning.. OH HELL! (Mish is going to LOVE this volume.. ALOT. She needs to reward herself with this for putting up with such a crappy job.. it is so worth it and has more Hakkai/Gojyo hints then you can shake a stick at).

No comment on the drama though, not place to say it on my journal. Though last time I checked, it was perfectly acceptable to place assenting remarks on a friend's journal.

Today at work will just be like yesterday at work. Very calm and sedate. Training my replacement is fun.. and she's an apt learner. That means 3 more days until Stephanie is off the noon shift. YAY! (I start full into cook next week, that will be fun. *teehee* It will be a challenge, that is for certain)

And also talking with silencescreams, I think that I will have alot of fun on that visit hanging out with her, both Alexi and I both. She's going to think we are a bunch of whack jobs.. I KNOW IT! Disneyland and Six Flags are going to be fun.. I already have a set schedule out.. >.> Well it can be modified but well I am a virgo and I love making plans plans plans! *cheers*
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