Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Ukitake and Jin are best friends.. this doesn't bode well~

Jin-muse (of Xenosaga fame) and Ukitake-muse (of Bleach fame) are very good friends in the muse box. They are almost always in each other's company when they are not pestering Shunsui and Chaos in the Twin Star Muse Box. (Well Ukitake also pesters Yui by declaring her cooking the best, which gets him alot of cookies). My Ukitake muse, he is silly.. very silly. Jin is a bit ludicrous himself. Today on the way from work the song "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness came on in my car MP3 player. So Jin and Ukitake start singing along to it.. LOUDLY. This makes me snicker. The song ends and they both declare "More! More!" and so go back and I listen to it again... they sing it again, this time with less harmony and more enthusiasm.

I LOL'd.

I think I may have a more silly Ukitake muse then anyone else I know of. This is all well and good I suppose because it's a good match for shuufish's Shunsui muse.

But still.. when Ukitake moved in to the muse-box.. him befriending Jin and vice-versa was the very LEAST that I thought would happen. But I will admit it is very cute.. very very cute. They make a good duo when Ukitake and Jin are stuck in the muse box and with no where to go. And really, with the rabble-rouser that Jin is.. it seriously is nice that he has someone who will put up with him.

And Ukitake's tolerance level = HIGH
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