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Coherancy for the win!

In the mornings I usually wake up a thousand times better however yesterday evening taught me an important lesson. And that was to take the Codine laced cough medicine somewhere around the vicinity of 9 pm so that I'll be in bed by 11. Really I should of followed Alexi's advice, but I didn't think it would hurt and I haven't had codine since I was a child so I had no idea that it would knock me on my ass like that. >.> Well I definitely got plenty of rest and I remember waking up around midnight and going "bwuh" before I went back to sleep.

We went to Borders, CostPlus and Barnes and Nobles yesterday. (after we went to see the Pixar movie, "Cars" *which is a great movie*). From each of the stores I got a little something.


Vol 1 Ouran Host Club (teehee.. crack)
Vol 4 Saiyuki Reload (Teehee.. Ikkou..)
Vol 2 Loveless (teehee Soubi)
Vol 10 Negima (teehee panties)
Vol 11 Yami no Matsuei (teehee.. shinigami)
*was tempted to buy the complete first season of Kids in the Hall but I resisted it..*

As we can see, five of Nia's basic needs has been filled. *YAY!*


Hickory Barbeque Kettle Chips
Salt & Pepper Chips (for pimp_kitten
Sixlets (for Jean)

Barnes & Nobles

Encyclopedia of Urban Legends (how cool is THAT)


My manga costed 38 dollars. because I had a personal shopping day at Borders. Plus there was a buy three get the fourth free special on manga (which I can't resist.. for really!)

Today is work, and then I have to take in Hyuga and Kau to get checked up. That means before I go home, I have to go to the bank and transfer money from savings to checking. >.> And then suitably gauge how much it is going to be for each set of two that I am taking in, I really do not want it to be too much of a drain on our resources. -_-

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