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Okay.. question for the FList who has played Xenogears.

What is a good song for Sigurd and Bart that ISN'T particularly 'cesty.   Because I do not want to put a song on my FST for them that has every fangirl going 'SIGURD X BART OMFG KAWAIII!!!!!!!11111'.    But I want to portray their deep relationship as BROTHERS. (without bastardizing it)

Any suggestions?

Edit: There will be no songs for pairings except for the canon ones in this FST (Miang/Kahr & Fei/Elly) though I will have three songs at the end that will be unmarked to represent my three favorite pairings of the series, so that people can have fun guessing. That will be in the EXTRA section. Other then that.. everything is for the most part canon.

Edit: Found it. *hehehehe's*

Edit: I am almost done.. >.> Just need a song for the Kislev Sewers.
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