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~Yes I am addicted~

To romance novels... I consume at least one a day.. it is not like I need it because I really don't like all that much sex in my romance novels... (If I wanted sex, I would rent a pr0n or go to Literotica.com) What I like is the courtship, the word play, the heros going all out to claim the woman that the desire/want/love/etc

Currently Reading: "La Comtesse" by Joan Smith.

I have TONS of romance novels that I have to read... *hurms* A whole stack.. But I am going to be going to the gym alot.. just to tone myself up. Reading puts me in the mood so that I don't even notice that I am exercising

I also bought Harry Potter but I cannot watch it, I promised my husband.. but damn it I want to watch it.. *whimpers* I wanna see Snape... SNAPE! I am going to ask him what my punishment will be if I watch it... hopefully nothing too bad.. because if it means going without sex for a week or two.. then HELL NO! I am sorry but while I like my toys, I find my husband alot more stimulating..

But if it involves a good spanking.. *heh's* then I think I might be inclined to -break- the rules.

Damn Buffer.. on Japanaradio of course. I am really starting to like Ayumi Hamasaki.. she just kinda grows on one. Granted *gears this at Ilvento* I still ADORE Luna Sea.. *ahee's*

"Radio that doesn't suck" *lol*

Ashura in FF4 scares me. *sniffles* Any person with three faces really do scare me.. 3 heads and four hands.. *shivers*

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