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I really need an icon that has Ukitake looking sick and the term "consumption!" on it.

To clarify, shuufish, I really did enjoy your phone call.. it is just when I am starting to cough evey other sentance.. it was only natural that I sounded like I was in a hurry to get off the phone. There is nothing more awkward then hacking out your third lung from your chest during a normal phone conversation.

Though she compelled me to open up that bottle of honey that I had put in my kitchen for decoration (the honey bottle in the shape of a bear.. yeah, I'm sure she remembers that conversation). Jin is gloating about that. *heh's* But honey in green tea = heavenly. I promise. I am throughly enjoying it. Warm things does wonderful things for my chest congestion. (ever had to cough so hard that you felt like you were going to die.. *heh's*)

Also no matter how much of an asshole Takumi is, I still love him shamelessly. Why is that?
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