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Work was a long, 7-hour-bitch. Only plus side to it was the fact that Stephanie got a 30 minute talking down to by Jean in her office. (Though Stephanie was surprised that Jean told her that I stood up for her today regarding the buttered pizza crusts (which no one told her about). (even though with that type of dough, if you know anything about cooking, you should know that buttering crusts and cornmeal on the pan lessens chance of stick when in the oven). However I learned how to clean the grill and that was thrilling (Woah, such a virgo, yes? *Heh's*)

Watched Bleach 86 and now Nanao-muse cannot stop with her admiration of Rangiku. It's cute. And I've also been co-erced to try to weasel Nanao-chan into the Shunsui/Ukitake RP early. (Because we both agreed that a scene in which Shunsui and Ukitake come across a little girl Nanao would be really cute. And Nanao could practice early throwing things at Shunsui... but it would also instill the relationship of my Nanao-muse and Mish's Shunsui muse early on. (just have to see what Twin Star thinks of the idea)

All I really want to do now is perhaps read some manga and lounge around.. in SWEATS. YES!

I have more NANA to read.. as well as SEIMADEN! (Better finish NANA first though).

Maybe I will make some icons too.. I don't know.. but I need to do my Soylent Update tomorrow so I need to make at least 4 more icons. *coughs*

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