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You know, I recieved some really good comments, and a very constructive criticism (Nothing destructive about it which I am glad). And I can see exactly where the commentor is coming from. It is hard for me to master typography. So I'm working on text slowly but surely... I like text brushes, but sometimes it is hard to make it fit when I am crafting an icon, because my head has a distinct image in mind and I can't deviate from that image, so I end up in certain cases inserting text. All of my icons tell a story or convey a feeling, everything is meant to sort of merge together in a harmony that probably only makes sense to me. (Because I -feel- an icon, perhaps it is a dreadfully emotionally way to make icons.. but when I feel them, they become mine)

As for expirementation, I believe that everyone starts out at a certain stage and then branches off to what works for them as iconographers. I've seen it in some of the fellow Iconographers what with their previous works and then with their current works. It's once again all about finding a style that fits you and then adding and deleting from your style as fits. Expirementation is good.. Soylent icons is full of expirementations that have never quite made it to my userpics for my personal journal. And every time I adjust the layer on an icon, I am taking all things into consideration. The lighting on the background, the layers I've implemented so far, the mood of the text. It all adds up to form a whole, a finished product which is probably very dear to me.

Expirementation after all is what has consistantly improved me and my roots are definitely the humblest of them all (*shudders at past works.. really*). Really my beginning was the lowest of the low, I did not come built in with a harmony-meter or knowing absolutely which colours were right, it all took work and practice to come as far as I have. Hard work, practice and honing a sense of what feels right to me.

What feels 'right' I believe is not something that is defined across the board, but rather it comes from what the person who makes it wants. And I think that it is important that people do not bow toward a public opinion of icons.

Thank you all for the lovely comments at the icon-meme. Both the Crit and the others. It helps me to see how other people see me.

For those that don't know what I'm talking about, go to the Icon Truth Meme. It's really very lovely.
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