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Well I am using this icon for a reason. Today was a -real- treat, meaning that it was another day in the lovely neighborhood with resident stupid bint Stephanie. Yes, she pissed me off.. but she also pissed off the *drumroll* MANAGER. (hot headed aries, you don't want to piss off an aries, really). Theoretically the day started out perfectly lovely at work, but things went downhill SO fast that it was hard to even breathe. Around 1 o'clock we had alot of people order Taco Salads, Taco Pizzas and the Two Tacos special (since it's taco thursday). Given that we only have a set ammount of taco meat made for the day, it is imperative that we do estimations halfway through so that we don't suddenly run out of taco stuff after telling a customer that we have it (and hence giving them a refund which is ALOT of paperwork). Stephanie gets backed up and I tell her to instantly STOP so that she can do her reportioning. She doesn't. (Really the customers that come in after one are generally NOT in a hurry.) After I take care of the last customer I go back, she is still working on those tacos. I take the pizza stuff so she has more time to do her thing, but she DOESN'T. Finally I have to tell her outright to get the portioning done. She does it, with a pout. (if you think you're going to get out of things with a pout, think again because you are NOT Lindsey Lohan.. and if you are not Lindsey Lohan then your pout does absolutely nothing)

Suk leaves and Stephanie takes over the grill (because I lack the expirience to do it all by myself). She gets backed up and there is more tacos to be done, so I graciously do the tacos because they are easy, I have no customers and we'll Stephanie really is that incompetent and slow that she can't manage by herself. This leaves me backed up with my job of cleaning up the dining room area and making sure things are stocked (I am getting paid for cook but right now I am still doing the cashier job.) So then after tacos are done, 10 minutes to two, I start doing my job. Stephanie is still back there cooking. When I leave to go out into the dining hall, I tell Jean that if she tries to clock out before I do, to send her out to help me with the dining room cleanup. *You know the whole 'one good turn deserves another' since I've been saving her ass for the past 40 minutes*.

I start cleaning and I see Jean giving Stephanie an order to help her clean up the back, I also see Suk giving Stephanie an order. Very well because it means that Stephanie will not leave before I do. I also notice Stephanie's little hands flung up in the air in exasperation because she wants to go home and 'can't'. So she stalks across the back (you can see the back from the dining room since it's an open bay of sorts with the counter seperating it). However before long Jean goes into the back and Stephanie comes slinking out the other way. This is 2:08 by my watch, she tries to clock out evidentally, can't and then I see her go into Jean's office to write something down before she takes her stuff and leaves.

Dare we hope it is a note of "I quit"? I peek in to see after I have the trash completed. The note says in Stephanie-writing (because Stephanie can't spell or form coherent sentances when she writes), "Jean, I couldn't clock out, my time was 2:13, thanks" (which was bullshit because she was out the door by 2:08 thanks to my handy dandy watch).

I store this away for later as I walk back to complete my job. I COMPLETE at 2:15. And then I move to find Jean so that I can clock out, find her in the bathroom, she turns to me and asks in that psuedo polite voice "Where's Stephanie?" and I say, "She left but she has a note lying on your desk in the office that says that she needs to be clocked out at 2:08." and then I see Jean sort of go, "Oh -really-? She was supposed to help both you and I.. wasn't she?" The look on Jean's face boded the fact that Stephanie is going to get an ass-reaming to end all ass-reamings. And then there was mutterings of 'insubordination' all the way to Jean's office. When you get the clock in that says "late check out, see manager". You are supposed to do EXACTLY that. Not write your hours on a little note to leave on the desk so that she can do it LATER.

Once the new cashier is trained, Stephanie's ass is so going to be fired methinks. This is all well and good because the reasoning for my promotion was to take Stephanie's place (that is what Yo told me.. and now that she's a big wig manager type person, I am inclined to believe her, even though she is STILL full of shit *snickers*).
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