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~Six Wierd Things~ *tagged by silencescreams

Be warned, this game is called "Six Weird Things." It starts by having one person type six weird things/habits about themselves in a blog.  Next, six other people must be "tagged" by this person.  Their names will be noted at the bottom of your "Six Weird Things" blog and you must send them a comment to inform them of it.  If you become "tagged," then you must write a blog of your own six weird things/habits and repost the instructions. Finally, chose six new people to be "tagged" and make sure that you inform them.

1.)  If I am sleeping in a room with a mirror in it, I will ALWAYS have my eyes closed if I have to suddenly get up in the middle of the night to get something.  If I am using the bathroom, I will make sure that I have the light on before I look into the mirror.  This is beccause I believe that mirrors have strong powers that are none too favorable.  (my bedroom does not have a mirror in it though, and for that I am glad)

2.)  When I am nervous I will fondle my eyelashes.  Run my fingers against them, and it will mysteriously soothe me.

3.)  I think up stories in order to help me go to sleep, and I have always done this since I was a child.   Sleep always begins happily if I have something with which to spin, a tale or a little piece of a RP that I am doing that sort of unfolds in my mind.

4.)   I love trying to guess people's signs and I am a firm believer in people 'acting' like their signs.   I have become quite the guesser and have guessed MOST of the people at my work correctly. (with the exception of Stephanie, because really I can't guess by worst attributes but only by positive ones)

5.)   If one were to ask me how many muses I have..  I would have to give you 369 because that is exactly how many muses I have.  Both original and fandom that I have accumulated over the 10 years that I have played

6.)  I can name a song that is playing within the first 2 notes.  I have amazed MANY people with this talent.  Also on the same vein of music, I can be thinking of a song and I'll probably hear it within that five minutes.  This is because my mind and my Winamp/CD Player at World/Car MP3 player are magically linked.

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*I picked someone from my userinfo and then after picking them, went to their userinfo picked a mutual friend from their list and then followed it downward, so if you'll notice.. it's like a nesting effect.
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