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~Look inside, you'll find a deeper love~

I love it when my Ukitake Jyunnshirou muse picks out music for me to listen to. Because he absolutely and utterly REFUSES to play the angsty music. He loves ambient, feel-good music that runs through your soul and body and makes you feel just a little bit more free. He and my Jin muse hang out alot in the C-box, but they are both very positive people. (though Jin has a tendancy to like to shock and exacerbate people, while Ukitake's function is to soothe nerves AFTER the fact. Jin likes his music happy, but in a different language. Jin is more likely to play high energy japanese techno, though he HAS been known to in the Brady!AU play Lords of Acid. (Thank you TODD!)

I do love Ukitake alot for the peace of mind that he gives the muse box. The fact that I can count on him to be sitting in front of the TV, beside Jin, with his big mixing bowl of Lucky Charms while they watch and laugh over whatever show they are watching.

And because this morning I am in a very Ukitake mood, I want to post a song that I associate with Ukitake. This is on one of his playlists and he heard it and immediately claimed it as his own. This is a very very positive and upbeat song. But really I wouldn't expect anything less of him.

::download:: World Hold On by Bob Sinclair ::download::

I strongly suggest you give it a listen, Ukitake-muse recommends! (In fact he is getting me to make an icon based on it)

Edit: Icon based on the song.

- Original = Click for lovely official art of Ukitake

This is somewhat an example of what I was talking with foxxie_kittsune last night.. when I make an icon, I do not feel I have succeeded unless I have morphed the icon into a different entity from the picture it was created from. (In that I am a dogged perfectionist)

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