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Well, I am alot better then I had been.    That is a good thing, when I woke up it was to cough up a whole lot of things that had been stuck in my throat and that is what I had wanted.  My throat doesn't hurt any longer and I have realized that three consecutive nights of Nyquil WILL do wonders (and I think longer because when I felt myself getting sick last monday, just a touch of it, I started to take Nyquil every night because I did not want the sickies to hinder me too much.)

I am pleased for the positive feedback about my Nanao-chan and she is gloating with repressed pleasure, it is cute.     But really I think that Shunsui and Nanao have a great relationship, but my Nanao-chan likes her Rangiku, who is anything BUT a locked door. (Yeah, she has the key to Nanao's door easily). I think that Mish and I are the only ones to ship that paring >.>

Ah, but I am tired.    I might prod Alexi awake so that we can go to breakfast.   He might rawr though. *mehs*  Rawring should not be allowed this morning. 

Also, NANA.. I am nearing on reading the manga all the way until where the scanlations stop. everything was clear cut, now I am confused as to who likes who and everything.   Is it my opinion or in later volumes, NANA just turned into a cluster fuck.    And my favorite character, Takumi..  he is one of those characters that you really DO want to stab in the eye when he says something insensitive, and then suddenly he says something that is caring and you want to recall the stabby knife.    (But I think I like him because of that.)

Also in NANA, I find myself caring for the het relationships in a very wierd way. (more so then other series), even though I think that I like Nana/Hachi, I also think they are both messed up that if they ran away together, it would be tantamount to a nuclear war of estrogen.

I need a Bancoren icon too.  (because Pataliro is AWESOME)


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