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~We've got to follow the spiders... into the forbidden forest..~


The bowling alley on Base like me, at least all the food service workers, I don't know -why- they like me, maybe I am just uber nice to them when they go in and understanding if they are running behind, but I swear that whenever I get a club sandwhich from them, they manage to stuff it unhumanly full. Really, there must be 5 slices of bacon on this thing, two WHOLE tomatos (or something) and enough Turkey. Really, I have seen the sandwhiches they make for other people, they are normal. But evidentally I can't have a sandwhich unless it happens to fall apart whenever I attempt to eat it.

Also, Nanao-chan has something she wants me to write for her. So once I start the other half of the MONSTER CLUB SAMMICH OF DEATH, I will attempt to plow into it. Also, we have decided that we won't start Nanao-chan's icon until a song strikes her. I find that fair.
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