Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Still sick.. *mehs*

Not a whole lot to say. I had a really stressful day yesterday. *and by stressful, I -do- mean stressful and I don't want to talk about it* And then I took nyquil and fell asleep. But this is going to be clinging for awhile.. this sickness, I can feel it. I also might be taking naps in the afternoons so I can stay up a little bit later in the evenings. We'll see though, I'll start with a nap when I get home. *hurms*

*goes back to the regularly scheduled program of hacking and coughing*

Edit: Plus with the way I am not picking up Stephanie this morning and making her take the bus to work, I realize that I am turning into my father. He would of done the same thing. It is really wierd how we don't understand things when we are younger, and then suddenly, everything makes a strange sort of sense. I was not that mature when I was in college, and I had childish moments. In a way, I can now see that he was just forcing me to grow up a little bit. (just like I am now doing to Stephanie). So for that, I have to thank him.
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